Case Study

Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Maintenance Cost Significantly

The Details

Sector: Healthcare

Vendor: Barracuda Networks

“64TEQ always provide great solutions and recommendations that exceed our expectations. Whenever we have an IT problem, 64TEQ is our go-to advisor.”

Dale Langham, IT Security Manager

Customer Profile: Healthcare at Home is the UK’s leading full service, clinical provider of healthcare out-of-hospital, wherever you are, at home, at work, or in the community.

Healthcare at Home develops innovative solutions that meet patients’ needs to have both acute and long-term conditions treated at home. With a team of over 1,500, Healthcare at Home cares for more than 160,000 patients a year and is really excited about enabling many more patients to receive treatments in their own homes and the planned growth ahead.

Solution: Barracuda Web Application Firewall 860


Healthcare at Home’s vision is to deliver inspirational healthcare in the home for millions worldwide; its mission is to care for two million people worldwide by 2020.

Healthcare at Home’s existing firewall service was unable to support the increasing web presence and traffic due to rapid business growth. Its firewall service would freeze due to the increased number of requests being sent to the firewall device. The resolution was to restart the appliance, this could occur a few times a week, which affected the nursing and patient services delivery.

Bandish Nayee, Managing Director, 64TEQ said, “To achieve Healthcare at Home’s vision and mission, it needs a reliable, scalable and resilient solution that is easy to expand with minimum cost and provides 24/7 protection to its mission-critical nursing and patient applications.”


Dale Langham, IT Security Manager, Healthcare at Home said, “64TEQ always provide great solutions and recommendations that exceed our expectations. Whenever we have an IT problem, 64TEQ is our go-to advisor, so when we found the firewall issue, we immediately approached 64TEQ.”

To make sure the recommended solution is able to solve Healthcare at Home’s problem, 64TEQ sent an engineer to evaluate the situation and understand the requirements.

After evaluating the situation, 64TEQ recommended a high availability pair of Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF) 860 devices which could manage device failures in a cluster.

Barracuda WAF defeats today’s most sophisticated, complex threats with advanced inspection capabilities that do not impact throughput. It improves overall app performance with built-in application delivery features including SSL offloading, load balancing, and content caching.

Implementation of the project was completed within a couple of weeks from purchase to being setup in Healthcare at Home’s data centre.

During the configuration stage, a Barracuda engineer was assigned to assist the whole process. Therefore, Healthcare at Home could run the old and new devices side by side and change any configurations required.

Eventually decommissioning the old device with no interruptions, “With 64TEQ’s help, our implementation and maintenance costs were reduced and efficiency was increased significantly,” said Dale.


Protect Against Evolving Application Threats

When Barracuda’s global threat intelligence network identifies a new threat or vulnerability anywhere in the world, WAF immediately gains the capability to patch the vulnerability and block the threat, protecting business against data loss, application-layer DDoS, zero-day application-layer attacks, OWASP Top-10 threats, and more.

Optimal Performance

Barracuda WAF combines reverseproxy-based security with built-in application delivery features. It improves application performance and availability, reduces lag time and provides a better, more consistent experience for all users.

Granular Identity & Access Management

Barracuda WAF gives the IT manager strong granular controls to easily restrict access to sensitive applications or data to authorised users. Integrated Identity Access and Management preauthenticates on the perimeter allowing access.

User Access Control can be offloaded from multiple applications to a single consolidated device. Detailed audit logging provides clear visibility into user activity across all protected applications.

Intuitive Administration and Management

Barracuda WAF is easy and fast to deploy, configure and manage. Integrations with best-of-breed security tools ensure easy deployments into existing environments while providing granular logging, alerting and reporting for management, compliance or early warning detection. It can be deployed in High Availability clusters to ensure maximum application uptime due to its redundancy and seamless failover capabilities.

Why 64TEQ

Bandish said, “We strive to provide our customer with products and services that are really suitable for them, so it is important to understand their challenges, situation and needs thoroughly before anything else.”

64TEQ is more than just a technology company. It is a company centered
around people – the people 64TEQ work with and the people they work for.
64TEQ not only listen to a customer’s needs but also put effort into reviewing its customer’s situation in order to provide the right solution to make its customer’s work-life easier.

“64TEQ always ensured we obtained exceptional value from the solution. Their dedication, professionalism and outstanding support confirmed they were the right partner for us.”

Dale Langham, IT Security Manager

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