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Security gains through Consultancy at Prism

The Details

Sector: Media


Vendor: 64TEQ

As soon as I saw the approach that 64TEQ and Nick use, along with the method involved, I just had a gut feeling that ‘this guy is good’. I believe that if we ever need external advice in the future, I know that I can count on 64TEQ to help us get from A to B in the best possible way.

Vinay Sharma, IT Manager | Prism

Customer Profile: Prism is a leading, brand-centric, sport and entertainment agency with a sharp focus on helping brands engage audiences in those arenas. The agency is a subsidiary of WPP, the multinational communications, advertising, public relations, technology, and commerce holding company headquartered in London.

Solution: Office 365 Security


The current IT Manager, Vinay Sharma, joined Prism when the agency had migrated over to Office 365 from legacy infrastructure. While Microsoft is a secure platform, further securing their tenant was a top priority to make sure no security vulnerabilities arise in the future.

The migration set-up had left the Office 365 ‘out-of-the-box’ security settings in place, which, as many may not know, are not secure enough for the majority of businesses, especially when compared to auditing best practice.

To add an additional layer of complexity, due to the nature of the agency’s work, a large number of employees work from home or abroad, using a mixture of company and self-owned devices. 

Vinay added, “When our employees are at events through work, they commonly connect to public WiFi networks which create yet another layer of potential security concerns; far more than those seen in a standard office setup”

To summarise, the core challenge Prism faced was a lower level of Office security than the business needed when taking all touchpoints into account.


The consultancy process began with Nick, Chief Technical Officer at 64TEQ®, visiting the IT team at Prism and conducting a workshop. In the workshop, Nick looked at all of the existing systems, the Office 365 tenant and undertook detailed fact-finding in terms of where the business was, what it needed, and what it had available. 

The workshop uncovered areas of potential vulnerability through the use of an Office 365 security health check tool. A comparison with the results of the health check against existing audit best practice identified security gaps which needed to be closed. 

Once the workshop concluded, Nick commenced the proposal stage of the process. This involved compiling information gathered from the workshop, the findings from the health check and potential solutions to the challenge presented. 

“The proposal itself was very detailed and included security gains we could achieve from various measures. Nick set out very clearly that we could achieve X gains with this task and Y gains from this. Just two examples of the measures outlined were a set gain for MFA and another for PowerShell disabling.” 

Vinay continued, “The final proposal made choosing what we implemented extremely clear. Some of the solutions were short term, implemented within days, and others were longer-term improvements.”

After taking the proposal and selected measures to the board, Vinay was able to implement the chosen solutions with confidence. “I am far more confident now that the whole system is secure, future-proof and audit-ready” Vinay concluded.


Mutual Commitment

As an individual, Vinay had used consultants in the past and outlined that the process usually included a phone call to establish details for a job that needed to be done and then the consultant would do the job. 

However, using this approach, the consultant rarely kept to the timeline discussed in the phone call, often due to a mismatch between their understanding of business infrastructure and the true situation. 

Vinay explained, “With 64TEQ, Nick came in, looked at the systems and did a very detailed analysis of the challenges we had before preparing an equally detailed proposal. This resulted in a far better estimate in terms of time required and, the vast majority of the time, Nick delivered sooner than predicted not later, as I have experienced in the past.”

Skilled Approach

IT companies working with the organisation have created some poor experiences. As an example, Vinay outlined an experience which centred around a server related issue and was handled by another provider. The result of the experience removed trust in the IT provider and showed clear flaws in their understanding of the client’s needs. 

In comparison, Vinay noted that “Working with Nick was different, it was very clear – the approach was completely different to anything I’ve experienced and with the high level of fact-finding, the end plan was essentially foolproof. I just knew it would work.”

The 64TEQ approach, which is led by the client, available resources and the team at the other end, leaves with it a distinct level of trust that sits higher than anything many clients have experienced before.

Why 64TEQ

Vinay had met Nick previously through a network infrastructure project that Nick had completed for another WPP subsidiary. From the work completed at that time, Vinay saw firsthand the care and commitment Nick placed on consultancy projects. 

“As soon as I saw the approach that 64TEQ and Nick use, along with the method involved, I just had a gut feeling that ‘this guy is good’. I believe that if we ever need external advice in the future, I know that I can count on 64TEQ to help us get from A to B in the best possible way.”  Vinay Sharma, IT Manager | Prism

With expertise in both traditional and modern technologies together with a good understanding of customer’s needs, 64TEQ® are always able to provide insightful and suitable solutions to help customers meet their challenges.

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