Case Study

Minimising System Downtime and Reducing Maintenance Costs Dramatically

The Details

Sector: Healthcare

Vendor: Barracuda Networks

“We highly recommend 64TEQ; they are very professional and methodical in all business matters and their support is outstanding; this, along with their vast network of support engineers makes them the obvious choice.”

Dale Langham, IT Security Manager

Customer Profile: Healthcare at Home is the UK’s leading full service, clinical provider of healthcare out-of-hospital, wherever you are, at home, at work, or in the community.

Healthcare at Home develops innovative solutions that meet patients’ needs to have both acute and long-term conditions treated at home. With a team of over 1,500, Healthcare at Home cares for more than 160,000 patients a year and is really excited about enabling many more patients to receive treatments in their own homes and the planned growth ahead.

Solution: Barracuda Load Balancer ADC


Healthcare at Home’s vision is to deliver inspirational healthcare in the home for millions worldwide. Currently, Healthcare at Home cares for patients in the UK, Germany and Switzerland; its mission is to care for two million people worldwide by 2020.

Due to the rapid business growth, the existing ageing hardware was no longer able to support the increasing traffic load and unable to prioritise the traffic thus increasing system downtime and maintenance costs.

Healthcare at Home needs a high performance, reliable and scalable application delivery and security solution to support its mission-critical patient and nursing services, as well as its cloud based CRM system.


64TEQ were initially approached to help Healthcare at Home with existing network performance issues, and it soon became apparent that 64TEQ could offer a full wrap around service far exceeding anything Healthcare at Home had seen before from other suppliers and vendors.

To fully understand Healthcare at Home’s requirements and situation, 64TEQ has sent in its engineer at no extra cost to review the situation and gather detailed requirements to ensure the new solution would best fit for Healthcare at Home’s future growth.

After reviewing the situation, 64TEQ recommended a set of two Barracuda Load Balancer ADC’s to be installed at Healthcare at Home’s main data centre. The units were placed in Active – Passive configuration for high availability and resilience.

Bandish Nayee, Managing Director, 64TEQ said, “Healthcare at Home provides round the clock healthcare services to patients so a high performance and reliable infrastructure is crucial for them. Therefore, we proposed Barracuda Load Balancer ADC that has full-featured application delivery controller that optimises application load balancing and performance while providing protection from intrusions and attacks.”

The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC is a Secure Application Delivery Controller that enables application availability, acceleration and control, while providing application security capabilities. Implementation of the project was completed within a couple of weeks from purchase to being integrated with Healthcare at Home’s systems and setup as a like for like with minimal downtime.

Dale Langham, IT Security Manager, Healthcare at Home said, “64TEQ reduced our implementation costs dramatically by supplying engineers at cost price. Efficiency was improved due to the correct product recommendation, which in turn reduced our in-house resource support and maintenance costs.”


Highly Scalable

The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC is ideal in optimising application performance. It offloads compute-intensive SSL transactions from the server, preserving resources for applications. In addition, optimisation features such as caching, compression, and TCP pooling enable faster application delivery ensure scalability.

Always Available Performance

Intelligent traffic monitoring capabilities enable Barracuda Load Balancer ADC to distribute traffic efficiently to server resources and employs server failover for high availability. Meanwhile, Global Server Load Balancing enables redundancy across multiple sites, thereby enhancing availability and speeding disaster recovery.

Secure Application Delivery

Application Authentication ensures that only known users are able to access critical applications. Unauthenticated traffic is prevented from passing through the DMZ. Application security provides superior protection against data loss, DDoS, and all known application-layer attack modalities. Automatic updates ensure comprehensive security for existing and emerging Layer 7 threats such as SQL injections (SQLi), Cross-site Scripting (XSS), and other OWASP Top 10 attacks.

Why 64TEQ

Bandish said, “All we care about is providing the right solution to our customers, so it is imperative to understand a customer’s business needs before anything else.”

Other than listening to a customer’s needs and asking them what they want, 64TEQ also put effort into evaluating its customer’s existing infrastructure and business needs. Combining all this information together with 64TEQ’s breadth and depth of technology knowledge, 64TEQ is able to provide the best solution to its customers.

“We highly recommend 64TEQ; they are very professional and methodical in all business matters and their support is outstanding. This along with their vast network of support engineers makes them the obvious choice. 64TEQ ticked every box for us.”

Dale Langham, IT Security Manager

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