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Case Study

Flexibility and reliability through UCaaS

The Details

Sector: PAAS

Vendor: 8x8

“The 8×8 solution allows anyone in our team to sit at any desk, in any conference room, with any device and use that as their own phone with their own number.”

Chris Newton, Head of Operations

Customer Profile: IIS is a privately-owned company that specialises in providing bespoke Platform-as-a-Service environments to industries such as pharmaceuticals, public services and utilities.

Solution: 8×8 X Series Cloud Comms – The X2 Package


As a cloud-based business already, IIS is used to working flexibly, including within an office, remotely, and on the go. A landline number must be with the employee at all times, regardless of their physical location. Whilst their previous telecoms system did allow them to work in various locations, it also frequently dropped calls during device transfers and, at times, provided a poor customer experience. 

Frustrating for both employee and client alike, the rigidity of the telephony system effectively prevented easy routing of calls both in and out of the office, device switching from desk phone to mobile mid-call, and lacked future-proofing in terms of disaster contingency.


64TEQ® reviewed the existing system at IIS and took into account the short, mid and long-term needs of the business to make the most suitable recommendation. 

64TEQ® recommended the 8×8 X2 Package as the best fit, providing essential flexibility including seamless hotdesking capabilities, simple license scaling, multi-device call transfers and guaranteed system uptime. 

Chris Newton, Head of Operations of IIS explained, “The 8×8 solution allows anyone in our team to sit at any desk, in any conference room, with any device and use that as their own phone with their own number. This means that our licenses can be allocated and used for personnel only instead of being allocated to multiple handsets and devices, providing significant cost savings.”

Bandish Nayee, Managing Director, 64TEQ® said, “As an 8×8 partner, we understand how cloud communications are revolutionising the way offices operate, across businesses of all sizes. The ability to move calls seamlessly from device to device allows for far greater flexibility in the office, enabling employees to continue phone calls from wherever they are, never having to hang up. The 8×8 X2 solution was a perfect fit for IIS ensuring complete flexibility and scalability.”

The 8×8 X2 solution offers each licensee a Cloud Phone, advanced auto-attendant capability, instant messaging within the system, free video meetings, recording and reporting. It also offers additional CRM implementation, 1GB of media storage and an intuitive, unlimited internet fax system.

From the initial request to fully functional, 64TEQ® were able to have a fully commissioned and working solution in less than 7 days. The system also provided IIS an estimated 40% reduction in communication system costs.



After implementing the 8×8 communication system, IIS employees have the ability to work from home, the office, the park or the train with access to their secure direct dial landline number at all times, on any device, with seamless switches between all of the above, at the click of a button.


IIS required non-stop reliability in order to maintain its high level of service to customers. 8×8 employs extensive measures to ensure high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery for seamless communications. Similarly, 8×8 delivers an average core call flow processing uptime of 99.9999%.

Reliability around the call handling and device transfer was a core requirement for IIS and within this area, the solution offers one-click transfers from chat to voice to video meetings, as well as one-click transfers between devices. The transitions have proven to be seamless, fast and hassle-free.


A core element of switching communication systems for IIS was future-proofing and increased preparedness in case of emergencies. These contingency plans aimed to provide little to no business disruption in the event of an unforeseen disaster – such as fire/floods, disease, natural disasters or similar “acts of God”. 

8×8 proved to be the best solution largely due to the flexibility and reliability of the integrated communication systems and allows, with certainty, a proactive contingency plan where the team are always ready, always prepared, and requires no preparation to work remotely.

Why 64TEQ

IIS has formed a strategic partnership with 64TEQ, enlisting Team64 as the first point of call for any technological needs. IIS entrust in 64TEQ® to be a leader and provider of only the best solutions, first time, every time. 

Chris from IIS states, “64TEQ® is open, transparent and diligent. Along with their attention to detail and after-sales service are second to none. We channel all tech business through 64TEQ® for those reasons as well as to keep our supply chain to an absolute minimum for security and continuity reasons.”

With expertise in both traditional and modern technologies together with a good understanding of customer’s needs, 64TEQ® are always able to provide insightful and suitable solutions to help customers meet their challenges.

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