Case Study

Ensuring a Secure Online Environment for Hospedia’s Users

The Details

Sector: Healthcare

Vendor: Smoothwall

“64TEQ is our trusted advisor. With a good understanding of the Healthcare sector and expertise in the technology market, 64TEQ has identified the most suitable solution for our business.”

Nav Sangha, Infrastructure and Security Specialist

Customer Profile: Hospedia is the UK’s leading operator of Point of Care software and services. Its solutions are used in more than 160 sites across the NHS, delivering clinical applications, patient engagement solutions, WiFi and patient media.

Hospedia’s mission is to deliver a better patient experience by enabling healthcare professionals to make quicker and safer decisions with realtime information, whilst ensuring the patient is educated and entertained at every step of the journey.

Solution: Smoothwall’s Secure Web Gateway (SWG)


Ensuring safe and secure internet access for clinical and non-clinical staff, patients and visitors is one of the challenges constantly faced by the UK Healthcare sector. Hospedia is no exception. It needs to reassure its customers that accessing clinical and patient data through Hospedia’s digital solutions would not present a risk but instead help to deliver better care and a better patient experience.

Previously Hospedia had a Bloxx proxy and web filtering system in place. It was prompted to look for an alternative solution with advanced security features that allow Hospedia to provide a safe and secure internet experience to all users, when Bloxx was acquired by Akamai and stopped supporting and developing the Bloxx system.


After reviewing Hospedia’s situation and evaluating products on the market, 64TEQ recommended Smoothwall’s Secure Web Gateway (SWG) system as a replacement to Hospedia’s existing proxy and web content filtering system. Not only because Smoothwall’s SWG is able to meet Hospedia’s requirements but also due to its policy-based routing and the transparent proxy that helps to achieve optimal bandwidth utilisation for business-critical applications and improve user’s online experience.

Smoothwall’s SWG is an effective, single solution that protects the customer’s network and users against web and non-web borne threats. It delivers a fully resilient load-balanced cluster of filtering and security appliances across data centres with a central management node, to provide protection and control for the full client estate.

By implementing Smoothwall’s SWG, Hospedia is able to have scalable and granular control of the entire web, including https and http/2, safe in the knowledge that Smoothwall’s full dynamic analysis of every web site is protecting their users from any unwanted or dangerous content.



Nav Sangha, Infrastructure and Security Specialist, Hospedia said, “Our WiFi and Patient Media solutions keep patients engaged, mentally active, informed and in touch with the outside world which is proven to improve their experience and response to treatment. As such it is important for us to know that they are safe on all devices, including our bedside terminals, at all times of the day.”

With Smoothwall SWG’s advanced security features, Hospedia is able to protect users against sophisticated cyber-attacks such as the zero-day attack. Smoothwall SWG’s Content-Aware Filter feature safeguards Hospedia’s users by blocking specific search terms, enforcing safe search on search engines, and even inspect and filter encrypted content such as SSL traffic.

Smoothwall SWG’s Layer 7 Application Control, also known as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) can control non-web traffic such as Skype and BitTorrent.


Smoothwall SWG is a highly available solution. Nav said, “Our Vital Signs and Nursing Assessments allow clinical staff to capture patient observations digitally, instantly backed up and included in patient records. Data can be available across the hospital in real-time. We can’t afford any downtime or lose reports due to single HDD failure so a reliable threat management system is vital.”

Easy to Manage

Smoothwall’s SWG offers a variety of user authentication methods and allows Hospedia to build customised policies based on user or user group, content category, time, location IP, subnet and hostname, for bedside terminals, mobile devices and laptops, which make the system management a lot simpler.

Why 64TEQ

64TEQ always listens to its customers’ concerns and business needs. Rather than just telling customers what products they should invest in, 64TEQ is always able to provide insightful and suitable solutions to help customers meet their challenges.

“64TEQ is our trusted advisor. With a good understanding of the Healthcare sector and expertise in the technology market, 64TEQ has identified the most suitable solution for our business,” said Nav.

“64TEQ’s after-sales support has always been very helpful and reliable, and the service has been outstanding. 64TEQ is a company centred around people, not technology. 64TEQ would not sell technology for the sake of it but provide tailored services and solutions that really make a difference to our customer.”

Nav Sangha, Infrastructure and Security Specialist

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