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Case Study

Reducing Running Costs and Improving Storage Efficiency for IIS

The Details

Sector: PAAS

Vendor: NetApp

“64TEQ is open, transparent and diligent. Working with them is always a great experience. Their attention to detail and after-sales service are second to none.”

Chris Newton, Head of Operations

Customer Profile: IIS is a privately-owned company that specialises in providing bespoke Platform-as-a-Service environments to industries such as pharmaceuticals, public services and utilities.

Solution: NetApp AFF A200 All Flash Array


One of the challenges faced by enterprises today is around supporting ever-increasing data growth while trying to keep infrastructure costs under control. This was a problem encountered by IIS – they faced rising costs associated with the running and maintenance of their privately hosted cloud environment, mainly due to their rapidly growing data storage requirement, data centre footprint and increasing power consumption.

IIS decided that they needed to look into how they could reduce their running costs and improve the performance of their environment.


64TEQ fully reviewed the situation at IIS and took into account the short, mid and long-term needs of the business to make the most suitable recommendation.

64TEQ recommended NetApp AFF A200 All Flash Array as a replacement to IIS’s existing storage array businesses requirements whilst also providing them with high performance, superior flexibility, and best-in-class data management.

Following the consultations with 64TEQ, IIS decided to deploy the NetApp AF200 to increase performance and reduce costs.

Chris Newton, Head of Operations of IIS explained, “64TEQ are a deep source of knowledge for us. In this space it can be very difficult to keep up with what goes on. There can be big changes in just a few months; however, 64TEQ provided us with this insight.”

Bandish Nayee, Managing Director, 64TEQ said, “As a NetApp Partner, we understand how NetApp technologies are developing and what IIS needed. The NetApp AF200 was a perfect fit. This platform has been designed as an enterprise-class, all-flash array that dovetails high performance and flexibility.”

The NetApp solution is a complete flash system of 1PB in a 4U compact enclosure. With inline data reduction technologies, it reduces SSD storage by 5 to 10 times on average, cuts power costs by 11 times and reduces rack space by 19 times, which leads to a huge reduction in data centre costs.

From start to finish, 64TEQ were able to have a fully commissioned and working solution in just under a month.


Cost Savings

After deploying the NetApp solution, IIS was able to reduce its rack space from 6U to 3U, resulting in a reduction of over 5amps of power consumption, saving around 15% on running costs a year.


A clustered storage environment running Data ONTAP scales in three dimensions: capacity, performance, and operations. You can scale SAN and NAS capacity from terabytes to tens of petabytes transparently and without reconfiguring running applications. Performance scales linearly as cluster nodes are added; a single administrator can manage petabytes of storage. You can start with a single cluster node and expand your cluster up to 24 nodes as your business needs grow.

Enhanced Performance

ONTAP® data management software enables consistent high performance to meet the demands of a multitude of workloads in a shared environment.

Consolidation of all workloads on the AFF system delivers up to 600,000 IOPS at 1ms latency. With ONTAP, the AFF A200 solution was able to accelerate the speed of business while increasing operational efficiency.

Chris Newton, Head of Operations of IIS said: “Our new solution is 100x faster than before with additional benefits. It has made us more efficient and improved our customers’ levels of satisfaction.”

Why 64TEQ

64TEQ is more than just a technology company. It is a company centred around people – the people 64TEQ work with and the people they work for.

“64TEQ is open, transparent and diligent. Working with them is always a great experience. Their attention to detail and after-sales service are second to none.” said Chris Newton, Head of Operations of IIS.

With expertise in both traditional and modern technologies together with a good understanding of customer’s needs, 64TEQ are always able to provide insightful and suitable solutions to help customers meet their challenges.

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