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Case Study

Accelerating Sales Performance and Boosting Sales for Bionical

The Details

Sector: Healthcare

Vendor: Microsoft

“Throughout the process, 64TEQ went to great lengths to ensure that we obtained full value from the solution. 64TEQ’s flexibility, professionalism and dedication made our working lives easier.”

Damian Byrne, Group Head of IT

Customer Profile: Everyone at Bionical shares an energy and passion to deliver services that ultimately lead to better lives for patients. Bionical delivers better access to medicines, providing healthcare professionals with unique tools to enhance patient communication and improve outcomes. Bionical does this by combining a perfect blend of services via its Clinical, Communications and Health Outcomes business units.

Solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales with a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing model


As a business with multiple business units across several regions, Bionical found it difficult to get an accurate sales pipeline and gain visibility and insights. Damian Byrne, Group Head of IT, Bionical said, “We have a unique business structure, each business unit operating independently of each other. It was difficult for us to track things and get the full picture. That meant it slowed our sales process.”

To improve sales efficiency, Bionical needed a solution to help bring its ever-growing sales teams’ data under one roof.


After understanding Bionicals’ challenges and requirements, 64TEQ identified Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales as the intelligent, flexible and scalable solution for its client.

Bandish Nayee, Managing Director, 64TEQ said, “Dynamics 365 allows Bionicals’ sales teams and management team to get account, contact, lead data and insightful reporting all under one roof, whilst still ensuring that each team has the flexibility to operate in their own way without impacting the processes created for other business units.”

Dynamics 365 for Sales is a cloudbased customer relationship management (CRM) tool. It allows sales personnel to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals. 64TEQ is a Microsoft CSP partner. By purchasing through a CSP partner as opposed to going direct to Microsoft, Bionical can enjoy better support and flexible billing.


Gain Visibility & Insight

With Dynamics 365 for Sales,
salespeople and management teams are able to find cross-business unit sales activities in one central place. It also ensures that only data relevant to each end user is visible, whilst giving access to key insights they otherwise would not have been able to see across other business units.

Dynamics 365 for Sales streamlines the multiple business opportunity process flows. It provides Bionical with dedicated quality gates/key sales stages to be recorded against each deal, regardless of the offering, all feeding into a centrally consistent staging of opportunities.

The embedded Power BI can surface contextual information on role-based workspaces and dashboards, providing next best action recommendations on the resultant analysis. It not only boosts productivity and best practice in a timely manner, but also opens up data collection and visibility to the entire business, rather than just senior management – leading to better quality data going in and decisions coming out.

Increase Productivity

Dynamics 365 for Sales is tightly integrated with Office 365 apps, making it easier to get going quickly.

Salespeople can track and save Outlook records, such as contacts, messages and appointments, which can be viewed and edited in Dynamics 365. “These features not only reduce administrative work but also enable us to manage customers and deals anytime anywhere so we won’t miss any sales opportunity,” said Damian.

Dynamics 365 for Sales also integrates with SharePoint; salespeople can use SharePoint to store and view documents, presentations or notes in the context of a record, such as an opportunity, enabling anyone working on that opportunity to view them.

Flexible Billing & Scalability

Being a Microsoft CSP partner, 64TEQ is able to provide flexible and simplified monthly billing on all of the Microsoft Cloud Services, including Microsoft Office 365 that Bionical is currently using. By purchasing Microsoft Cloud Services through a CSP, 64TEQ, Bionical can pay for what they need and be able to increase or decrease licenses instantly at any point. It not only helps to reduce CAPAX and improve cash flow, but also allows Bionical to expand its use of CRM to any new business units, anytime in the future.

Why 64TEQ?

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to import all your current data from different systems into a new system. “Throughout the process, 64TEQ went to great lengths to ensure a smooth and hassle-free migration. They also ensured that we obtained full value from the solution,” said Damian.

“I know I can ask almost anything of 64TEQ, day or night, weekday or weekend and it gets done, without the need for me to chase. 64TEQ’s flexibility, professionalism and dedication made our working lives easier.”

Damian Byrne, Group Head of IT, Bionical

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