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Meet Device as a Service:

It’s time to optimize your IT assets and resources with HP Device as a Service (DaaS), a complete solution that combines hardware, insightful analytics, proactive management, and services for every stage of the device lifecycle.

Device proliferation and the addition of personal devices entering the workplace has challenged ITDMs in maintaining a secure and manageable IT environment. Multiple operating systems on different types of devices have created new entry points for security breaches and made it more difficult to proactively manage the IT environment.

64TEQs Device as-a-Service (DaaS) is a super simple way to manage your IT hardware, removing the headaches of handling end user devices. HP DaaS makes it easier to manage the diversity of multi-OS desktops, workstations, and mobile devices so your business can operate at its full potential.

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Everything you need to know:

Devices for every user type

The HP device range is built for versatility, flexibility and productivity. It includes a range of over 20 device options, from notebooks and detachable PCs right through to all-in-one desktops and workstations.

It’s not just the core HP range that sits within the HP DaaS camp though, HP have expanded the service to include both portable and fixed devices Apple devices, such as the iPhone and the iMac.

Make better decisions

Identify, predict, and address issues with HP TechPulse — analytics that use machine learning, preconfigured logic, and contextual data to deliver device, application, and usage insights that help you optimize your IT spending and resources.

Offload a little or a lot. Our Service Experts use HP TechPulse analytics and modern management tools to manage your multi-OS devices, The one-stop dashboard also allows incident integration with ServiceNow IT service management system.

Full lifecycle management

You can tailor your solution with HP Lifecycle Services — from design to configuration, maintenance, and end of use — and financial terms to meet your needs with the convenience of a single price per device. Flex your devices and services up or down based on changing workplace or workforce needs.

The service includes 6 stages to support you in your role as an ITDM which include discovery, configuration, deployment, optimisation, maintenance and recover/renewal. The final stage lets us handle the secure recovery and recycling, or the repurpose of, end of use devices.

Plans for every organisation

HP Device as a Service (DaaS) delivers a modern service model that simplifies how commercial organizations equip users with the right hardware, support, device management, and lifecycle services to get the job done – improving end user productivity, IT efficiency, and cost predictability.

It allows you to work without worry in the office, and away, with plans that include world class-warranty and support, plus next business day onsite response and accidental damage protection.

Wait, there’s more.

Meet the HP Tech Cafe – the anytime, self-service vending and storage solution. Boost employee satisfaction with fast, self-service solutions for helpdesk and tech support needs even after hours.

Trust us to ensure your employees – and their devices – are business ready with HP Tech Café Market and HP Tech Café Walk-up Centre. Choose one or both, customised to your IT needs.

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“HP DaaS has improved the way we manage and support devices for our students and staff, making it possible to respond more quickly when they’re experiencing problems. We’ve also been able to free our IT team to focus on improving key educational services such as distance and online learning.”

Director of Technology and Information | Universidad Andres Bello


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