Top talent stays when they are included

Top Talent Stays… When They Are Involved

As the battle to recruit and retain the best talent heats up with the likely white hot post-Brexit HR landscape still to reveal itself, only the most creative, inclusive and progressive of HR thinking will do.

HR thinking that must look to involve staff in strategic business planning alongside more day to day operation and tactical input.

HR thinking that places your team at the heart of your business for both your benefit and theirs.

Sarah Short at Face2FaceHR offers five clear examples of the benefit of team involvement citing Morale, Productivity, Decision Ownership, Teamwork and Useful Resource – the driving forces behind sustainable business building and retaining your best talent.

1. Morale

We all like to think our opinions count. Feeling valued, consulted and influential within any organisation can’t help but engender a healthy, happier stronger morale. Great for your staff as individuals and great for business too as the good vibes become contagious. And your team are the better they’re engaged. The better they’re engaged the longer they’ll want to commit to the project. Happy, shiny people, making money.

2. Productivity

Talent that’s emotionally and professionally invested in a project will always want to push on through that extra mile. Most people naturally thrive on responsibility and the feeling that their efforts matter. The natural consequence? More commitment. Better productivity.

3. Ownership of decisions

In Robert Cialdini’s marketing classic  The Psychology of Persuasion he writes about, “our nearly obsessive desire to be (and to appear) consistent with what we have already done. Once we have made a choice or taken a stand, we will encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with that commitment. Those pressures will cause us to respond in ways that justify our earlier decision.”

What he’s saying is that your staff, having been involved in the decision-making process will naturally commit to their decisions. Taking ownership of decisions means they’ll work harder to see them though, even during the tough times. Disengaged staff who haven’t been involved in planning are far less likely to ‘buy in’ especially if the going gets tough. 

4. Teamwork

An open and honest decision-making forum helps bond staff into effective teams. By sharing insights, experience and opinions group thinking can and very often does result in better, more effective conclusions. Relationships are strengthened, individuals feel valued and the company enjoys a better quality of decision making.

5. Useful resource

Who knows your company better than your staff? Nobody. That’s why it’s so important to channel their deep knowledge and expertise.

Across every aspect of your business from client and supplier engagement to R&D to processes to accounts to HR these are the people working at the bleeding edge of your business. And because they see your business in ways that you never can their insight is invaluable. The decisions they can help you make, should you wisely involve them in decision making are bound to be more informed than if they are left out of the consultation loop.

In Conclusion

It’s common sense. Treat people inclusively, with respect, and seek their positive contribution and everybody wins. A wiser, more motivated business, a happier, more loyal team. Top talent stays when they are involved.

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