TeamTalk with Josh Carney

We wanted to find out a little bit more about one of Team64’s enthusiastic new Account Managers, Josh Carney, who carries a wealth of high-end IT solutions knowledge that is hard to find in the current skills market.

From his past experience working directly within a channel-only services and support provider, Josh developed strong relationships with a whole host of suppliers, such as Telefonica and Pulsant, to provide end-to-end service that was difficult to rival.

Whilst utilising his experience and raft of industry connections, Josh is keen to expand the services and support portfolio of 64TEQ to ensure we meet and exceed the ranging requirements that our customers have on a day-to-day basis. He also aims to continue to develop existing and new relationships with some of the strongest support and consultancy partners in the channel, to ensure we always deliver an incredibly high standard of service. Pretty great, right?

When asked, “Why 64TEQ?” he responded with, “It’s the culture and values. It’s genuinely caring about delivering the best service for the customer, not the one that suits us the most or is the most profitable. That’s 64TEQ.”

“Focusing on the small things are key and it’s something the customers really notice and appreciate, such as being available ‘till 10 pm, or simply ensuring we constantly and correctly communicate updates to ensure they know exactly where they’re up to as projects progress.”

Josh believes, as the rest of Team64 do, that social media has a role to play in developing stronger relationships with clients. He states, “I will definitely be helping to expand our social media audience by spreading the 64TEQ message and sharing content relevant to our customers and their requirements. This will not only showcase our skillsets but could also help our customers to understand various technologies and solutions that we can help them with.”

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Josh spends his time completely absorbed in IT service, but you’d be wrong. Outside of championing Team64, Josh holds club nights in Manchester to raise money for charity, most recently Young Minds, a mental health charity which not only treats but also works to prevent mental health issues in young people. Aside from commendable charity work, Josh also DJ’s at various nights in the North West and also enjoys going to the gym to let off steam.

It’s clear that the 64TEQ way has lit a spark in Josh, he says, “To join a company that genuinely cares about developing a culture that nurtures talent and allows us as individuals to grow is amazing. It makes you feel like you’re part of more than ‘just another VAR’.”

“Having worked with resellers and visited various sales floors in my career thus far, so many lack these kinds of values. Although some of them may seem simple, they’re often overlooked, even though they are crucial to developing strong and healthy relationships.”

One value which has definitely struck a chord is Radical Honesty which Josh expands on, “It shows that integrity is vital to us and the way we engage with our customers. Again this is something that is missing in the core of many service providers, replaced by the need for quick revenue decisions which benefit the reseller as opposed to the customer.”

Josh is already looking to the future and feels that in the next 5 to 10 years, 64TEQ will be one of the major VARs in the UK, as well as being one of the most accredited Microsoft CSPs. On top of this, he sees Team64 as being thought leaders in the way that teams approach sales and customer engagement, as well as how to develop a healthy and steadfast internal culture.

He finishes by summing up simply what he feels 64TEQ does, “We provide a compassionate approach to IT strategy and a genuine desire to assist our customers in improving their various IT environments to make their lives easier and systems more efficient.”

That’s Josh, could you be next?

We’re always looking to build Team64 with the best minds in the IT channel. If that sounds like you, let us know what you can bring to the team here.