TeamTalk with Howard Susman

Last week Team64 welcomed Howard Susman as our newest Corporate Account Manager.

With extensive experience in this field, it’s no surprise that we snapped up his relentless passion for innovation and relationship building as quickly as we did. With a background in the Account Management space, Howard says, “I feel my experience in the IT industry will give me a great foundation to build from working for 64TEQ as I’m a self-starter and I know my purpose in this company.”

We probed a little deeper to find out what he thought his single greatest professional achievement was, he didn’t disappoint, “My biggest achievement is looking after the largest education/fostering company in the UK. Not only did I find the opportunity, but I nurtured it and built a great relationship that’s been ongoing for over 2yrs.” Not bad, right?

Away from work, you can probably find Howard cooking something up in the kitchen thanks to his experience in the chef trade before moving over to the IT space. Aside from creating delectable dishes, or fundraising for various charities including Cancer Research, you might hear him too – as a musically minded individual, Howard writes his own music and sings, plays the guitar and the piano.

We asked Howard what his first thoughts were about the Team64 ethos, “I love that there is a sense that everyone in the company is on the same level and there are no ego’s which is hard to come by. I really like the company culture, what it stands for, believes in and that employees are really valued and well looked after. The overall attitude of the company is the best I’ve encountered in any job, it makes work much more enjoyable to know that everyone wants you to succeed and have a great quality of life.”

Not one to shy away from thinking forward, Howard already sees great scope for 64TEQ in the future. He puts it simply, “I see 64TEQ as one of the leading remote IT providers’ in the UK. I’m excited about growing with the company, and while it’s still early days for us, I feel I have a big part to play in the growth of 64TEQ.”

To finish, we got down to the nitty gritty, what is 64TEQs secret sauce?

“Our secret sauce is the personal touch, our attention to detail, not just in terms of the company, but also to our clients and making sure they get the best experience working with us. Our 7-day work week is a huge bonus for our clients, and what we do differently from others is deliver what we promise. Also, employees come first here, and that’s why we’re already so successful”

Ah, so you heard it hear first – put employees first and you’ll conquer the world!

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