TeamTalk with Demi Leonard

We’ve already met one of the new starters this month (you can read about Josh here), so it’s time to meet another new face, Demi Leonard. We knew she had something special about her, but we also wanted to delve a little deeper…

Having worked with numerous big brands as their account manager in the past, helping them with various IT needs and projects, Demi is well placed to offer sound advice around IT hardware, espeically HPE. Her history with HPE is extensive, and it even landed her a HPE Sales Apprentice award in 2018. Not bad, ey?

Thankfully, she has a wealth of experience in the channel coming from an IT Solutions Provider Account Manager background. Here, she looked after companies IT needs in a raft of different sectors, allowing her to gain an understanding of what they were wanting to achieve and then she helped them to do just that.

With a passion for learning about new technology, she loves being in an industry that is ever-changing. However, it wasn’t always IT – prior to moving into the channel, Demi was a client account manager for a nursing agency, looking after staffing requirements for NHS hospitals around the country.

She’s quite clearly excited about joining Team64 and says, “I am very excited about the development of 64TEQ and it’s amazing to be a part of it. I can only see the company becoming stronger in the IT sales market for its unique and different stand point. A VAR with a difference is what the sector is crying out for.”

“Bandish and Michelle Nayee are what makes this company amazing. From my first meeting with them I knew they were the kind of people I wanted to work with and for. They have put their all into this company over the last 5 years and because of their openness, caring nature and determination, they make 64TEQ the company it is today. I knew I wanted to be a part of the 64movement and the continuation of their success.”

Away from 64TEQ, Demi has a varied list of hobbies. If you can’t find her singing, acting or dancing, you may find her collecting collaboration apparel, or even at the skate park. With a degree in Film & Journalism, there’s a strong chance that she’ll also be catching up on the latest films, adding that “I’m always available to give film suggestions!”.

When asked about her thoughts on the 64TEQ’s ethos and values, Demi identifies with two strongly:

Equality: everyone is equal, from the pay to the seniority. We are given coaching to benefit ourselves and work life but not micromanaged. Everyone has a voice and can put ideas across and they will be listened to and respected.

“Ego is not your Amigo: we are here to do a job and be part of something that we care about. If you have an ego you can’t grow and develop and that’s what 64TEQ is all about.”

Summing up 64TEQ and what it offers that others don’t, Demi says, “It’s a chance to develop and succeed within a company that actually cares about you, not just your revenue. Of course, sales are important to any company, but if your workers are happy and believe in the company they work for, you will inevitably get the best out of them.”

“64TEQ take away the ‘egos of sales’ and concentrate on the customers, the employees and the company first.”

That’s Demi, could you be next?

We’re always looking to build Team64 with the best minds in the IT channel. If that sounds like you, let us know what you can bring to the team here.