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You can find our Whitepapers below. Expert analysis of the most pressing industry trends of today.

Five Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your PBX for the Cloud

It may be a huge risk to stay with an on-premises PBX. Pick up this whitepaper, created in collaboration with comms vendor 8×8, to find out more…

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Five ways Device as a Service will redefine how your CFO feels about a tech refresh

Driving efficiency is likely a top goal for CFOs, but if you’re looking for even more reasons to convince them that DaaS is a smart move then this DaaS introduction can help.

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Improve Productivity and Profitability by Moving to the Cloud

The Cloud is one of the core parts of digital transformation and is high on the boardroom agenda.

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Protect Businesses from Cybercrime and Data Breaches

Having the right cybersecurity solutions in place is going to be a priority for the foreseeable future.

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The 2018 Cybersecurity Threat Report

2018’s biggest vulnerabilities didn’t turn into actual threats. Yet, the last quarter’s biggest threat trends show better synchronization between malware components as well as a big rise in functionality as attackers increase their maliciousness.

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