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Meet BluVector Cortex™, the first-of-its-kind AI-powered battle armour that empowers security analysts to neutralise threats with Zero-Day malware detection.

The patented, revered and productivity-boosting next-generation IDS solution does exactly what it says on the tin with proven 99%+ effectiveness for across mid to very large organisations.

64TEQ are proud to be the sole supplier for its creators, US-based BluVector®, in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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Meet Cortex™

BluVector® Cortex™ is a powerful AI-driven network security platform designed to accurately and efficiently detect, analyze and contain sophisticated threats including fileless malware, zero-day malware, and ransomware in real time.

Designed for mid-sized to very large organizations, it can be thought of as the next generation of Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS), powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and speculative code execution.

Zero-Day Malware Detection

In 2017, BluVector was issued the patent for “System and Method for Automated Machine Learning, Zero-day Malware Detection” (U.S. Patent 9,665,713). BluVector is the first company to obtain this type of patent in the cybersecurity industry.

This patent helps to strengthen BluVector’s role as a leader in machine learning threat detection and protect the methods that enable the solution to detect normal as well as zero-day threats with over 99% accuracy.

13-Month Advance Detection

Based on the company’s testing of malware samples against previous versions of its Machine Learning Engine, BluVector has found that customers would have detected those threats, on average, over 13 months in advance.

BluVector® Cortex™ runs all discovered malware samples through historical classifiers to identify when the machine learning engine would have first detected the named threat. It currently supports over 35 file specific machine learning classifiers.

Trust in BluVector®

BluVector® Cortex™ is trusted by a whole host of big businesses and public sector organisations including intelligence organisations and governments. From a business perspective, users include CISO, IBC Bank and Gigamon.

Inustries with current installations of the platform range from Healthcare to Finance, Non-Profit to International Defence. Will your organisation be next?

“The G-Cloud Framework is a catalogue of services where the basic terms have already been agreed between the government and suppliers. This means buyers can buy services without running a full OJEU procurement each time.

Being included in the framework is only achieved after a lengthy application process which includes stringent checks. “







Backed by Comcast, the next-generation intrusion detection system empowers security teams to get real answers about real threats, enabling organisations to operate with full confidence that their data and systems are protected at an industry-leading 99.1% efficacy rate.


The Cortex 2018 Threat Report from BluVector

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