How to convince management to adopt a new IT strategy

How to Convince Management to Adopt a New IT Strategy

Making sweeping organisational changes can be a massive task depending on the size of your company. But even at smaller businesses, there can be a strong preference for doing things the old way—the way that brought success in the first place. A constant culture of upgrades is unlikely. It is more probable that at certain points along the way your company audits and overhauls different business functions.

It is not always a simple undertaking to convince management that now is the time to adopt a new strategy, particularly when it comes to IT. Technology changes quickly, and sometimes what looks like the next big thing doesn’t really change the tech landscape the way you would have hoped. Taking chances is risky, so here a few ways you can make a convincing case to management.

Change Your Perspective

Many times, we find ourselves simply using the wrong language when we try to convince someone. You may know that this new strategy is in the best interest of the company, but is that how you’re phrasing it? If you were trying to convince your boss that working from home was beneficial, would you tell him or her about all the benefits it provides you, or the benefits it will provide them?

Make sure your presentation doesn’t focus on how it will make your job or life easier, even if that’s part of the overall effect. Stick to presenting the benefits that management will see.

Talk About The Competition

No, it’s not always a good idea to do something just because everyone else is, but at some point we begin to see an overall trend developing. And when the experts are all pointing in one direction, it’s probably a good idea to look that way as well. If competitors are switching their IT strategies, then bring that up to management. You don’t have to focus on it heavily, but make sure they know that you may possibly be falling slightly behind.

Bring In Support

Work to convince team members that this is the proper strategy that you should be pursuing. It will be much easier to convince management when you have everyone else on board. Building support from the bottom up is a great way to show that you really believe in this idea, and that you are willing to put in the work to make it happen.

Get Your Facts Straight

As we said before, your pitch should be geared towards the benefits of a new IT strategy. In order to highlight those benefits, do some research and get some solid data on how exactly this change will affect business, productivity, or future revenue. It’s much better to be precise in your arguments than to be grand and vague.

And if you’re not exactly sure what your next IT strategy should look like, give 64TEQ a call today. Along with hardware and software, we also offer auditing and consulting services that will help put you on the right path for future success.