Our world-class speakers share stories and insight from the worlds of sport, business, adventure and the armed services.

Unlike podcasts, the events give members the opportunity to really dig into the topics. It’s not just listening!

Led by Sports Psychology Coach, Simon Hartley, the live sessions cover topics such as:

  • Team Communication
  • World Class Mindset
  • Resilience
  • How to Engineer a World-Class Culture
  • The Power of Diversity

The Curious Mindset is 100% supported by 64TEQ, but you don’t have to worry about being sold to or any other marketing BS.”

Why we choose to do this

If you’ve read our about page, you’ll know that we believe in thinking long-term.

The Curious Mindset isn’t just something we created for other people – it evolved from our founder’s own journey over the past 10 years – and the reality that world-class technology leadership is 20% technology, 80% leadership.

That’s why we chose to create The Curious Mindset and keep it independent. It’s the community we wanted to be a part of. A private place where technology leaders can gather, learn, and support each other.

Invitation Only

The Curious Mindset is invitation only. To find out more, visit the dedicated website and “follow” our LinkedIn page so we can contact you. Or learn more about what we do or our customers.

You can also call us on 0203 858 0264, send us an email or message us on WhatsApp.