Changes in IT in 2016

Changes in IT in 2016

We’ve almost made it through another year, and that means it’s time to look back and identify some of the changes that occurred in IT in 2016. Taking a moment to look backwards helps us better understand what we may see in the coming year, and it helps us learn from any mistakes and build off any successes in the past year. So what happened in IT in 2016?

First and foremost, we continued to see growth in the number of businesses and institutions that are moving their IT functions to the cloud. Cloud computing is providing a more efficient and flexible option for IT, and it’s changing the way CIOs think about their needs and strategies.

Several years ago, businesses were considering plans to build new data centers; now they’re examining the multitude of choices that can be found in the cloud. Some businesses may be holding off on making the transition to the cloud for financial or security reasons, but the overall trend this year was clear.

We’ve also seen a greater focus on cyber security, especially as more IT functions are outsourced to the cloud. Cloud security is a huge priority, as is security training for employees. No company wants to end up in the news for a breach of their customers’ private data, but unfortunately we saw this multiple times in 2016.. Governments seem to be getting in on the cyber attack game, and that’s going to drive even more awareness of how vulnerable our data really is.

Artificial intelligence was another big player this past year. The increasing sophistication of AI is becoming prevalent in more and more products and features. Advanced systems can now understand, learn, and predict behavior, and those systems are only going to grow more sophisticated. AI’s ability to learn from data and trends, and anticipate preferences and actions, is being used by businesses in many different sectors, from financial to advertising. This type of deep learning AI is going to become increasingly prevalent, and you should definitely keep an eye on developments in the coming year.

Hiring practices are also changing, in large part due to the influence of the cloud on how IT operates. We’re seeing a transition to employees who are able to help manage cloud services and display more business acumen than before. That’s because as more functions are taken away from on-premise IT, employees increasingly need to be able to interact and manage the outsourcing to the cloud.

It’s been a wild year in IT, with plenty of new technology for CIOs to keep track of. More than ever, the options available to you are going to feel almost overwhelming. If your business could use some outside help, then contact 64TEQ today. We offer everything your IT department could possibly need—from software and hardware to consulting services that will put you on the fast track to success.