The Story so Far

In case it wasn’t clear, we’re 64TEQ. We’re an IT provider based in London, UK. Founded in 2012, we’ve evolved rapidly - an amazing team serving amazing clients. What do we love besides Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain? We love technology, we love making great things happen.

A Company Built Around Those we Seek to Serve

Anyone can sell a box.

And there’s certainly no shortage of IT providers out there. A few are very good. Fewer are great. But only a handful offer truly exceptional value. The kind of valuable partnership that delivers a genuine competitive advantage.

To do that we’ve created a different type of service, a different promise. A promise centred on people, not technology.

It’s a promise that says everything we do, we do for our people - those we work with and those we work for. A promise focused on a shared search for better, a better company and a better service.

A Company Defined by Our Culture

More empathy, openness, honesty and understanding means 64TEQ is more than just a technology company.

It’s a way of seeing the world, a vision that defines everything we do, from the way we look at problems to the way we go about solving them.

64TEQ - the change we’re trying to make in the world

Change centred on people, not technology.

Our mission

To turn our customers into organisational heroes whilst building a world-class team and culture, are the two professional missions of 64TEQ

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Our Team

Put simply - we are our people. That’s why we invest in them. That’s why we trust them.

And that’s why we’re absolutely meticulous in their recruitment - because culture counts. It’s what sets us apart as an IT Provider.

Our flat management structure nurtures an environment of sharing and creativity. An environment in which ideas are always constructively engaged and team members encouraged to speak their minds.

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Core Values

Value #1

Be Memorable

Unforgettable relationships and unforgettable experiences. We go ‘above and beyond’ for each other, for our customers and for our partners.

"Always deliver more than expected" Larry Page

Value #2

Think Small, Not Big

We sweat the small stuff for our customers and adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement. Shared success through the aggregation of marginal gains.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" Vincent Van Gogh

Value #3

Radical Honesty

With our customers, our partners and with each other we are committed to giving and receiving honest, open feedback. We have a relentless passion for seeing and addressing the gap between good intentions and reality, between big talk and results. No politics - just the truth.

"Companies benefit when employees speak up. When employees feel comfortable candidly voicing their opinions, suggestions or concerns, organisations become better at handling threats as well as opportunities" Culture Strategist

Value #4

Be Better

Don’t settle. Progress. Try new things. Always seek learning. We believe that life is a series of continual learnings. Every setback, every success and everything in between offers a gilt-edged opportunity to grow. A new chance to build a kinder, more compassionate, more rewarding future for us and everyone we connect with.

"Don't be a know-it-all. Be a learn-it-all" Satya Nadella

Value #5

Get IT Done

We focus on the true needs of the people we serve and not the rule book. We strive to find solutions and do the impossible. We do what needs to be done. We cut through red tape. We keep things simple. And we take responsibility because we choose to own the challenge, we own its resolution too. So we persevere until it is met and at every step along the way we try our hardest to always act with dedication, resourcefulness and urgency.

"I have a million sales people willing to sell me a ladder after I fall into a hole. I could name maybe three that can help me avoid the hole in the first place" VP of IT